The careful selection of producers and artisans is the very first step of our work in the kitchen. They grow the produces before we cook them so the quality of what we do is very much linked to the quality of their work.



Green beans salad from Provence, poched organic egg and smoke duck breast     17€

Snails in shell with garlic beurre-blanc (six - twelve)   12€  - 24€

Ibaiama ham in chiffonnade with salted butter  16€    

Duck foie gras terrine, rhubar marinated with grenadine 19€

Salmon tartare with lemon and capers, buckwheat and radish   17€     

Onion soup, toasted bread with Comté cheese   16€    



Unilateral hake fish, einkorn risotto with Mimolette cheese and rucola 30€

Meunière-style sole or John Dorry, fish, spinach shoots   48€

Roasted codfish, broccoli and onions, candied garlic broth 32€



"Chez Monsieur" style veal stew with cream, carrots, potatoes and bacon   28€    

Roasted suprême duckling from Vendée, marined cherries and polenta, torrefy sunflower   32€   

Charolais rumsteak, pepper juice and candied potatoes  30€